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Sunday, 12 January 2014

A step to enroll for Justice against Injustice...

In India an easy Trap game is going on by the support of Women favouring Law.Here a mere word by woman against a man can become his nightmare if that complaint is of cognizable offense and FIR is been converted without any inquiry or any proof. The police are like Fox who are delightful to search or catch such victims who are encountered by these biased laws... so that they could easily extort the money along with the conspired women. It's very pity for Innocent men who are been trapped by the families of such brides whose whole and sole motto is to extort the money up to the last extent from the Boy's side by the support of women favoring Law.

It's the Fault of "we" the men that prior to marriage we don't know anything about ABCD of these Biased Law and get married.But once we get into real motion and the true color's of such women come in front of us within few days or months then there is no option left .....and we are only left to curse our Fate that why we have Borne in India where No law is made for protection of men from these wicked women's and from their tortures,malicious and unscrupulous deeds and acts.

And When we go to ask our freedom from these women ,even Law also gives us a big thumps down and we are left by either suffocation or to fight for our freedom. When we get to be revolted by first initiative i.e divorce against her then we are most probably encountered by fake 498A  or DVA 2005 followed by branches of Maintenance cases even though they are much educated and highly competitive to get job.

It's very high time in India where numerous of acts favoring women are going along with them,even animals and birds have their ministry but a creature who feeds the society ,who protects the society,who binds the society even though they carries the pain within them  has No law for them when they are tortured by women within these society only.

Let Join Hand's to Fight against Biased Law,

A single contribution from each man can change the society if not 100% then at least 1 % ....and again we will fight for 99 % and this will carry on...till it not becomes 100%

In India every common man is affected by three i  i.e,  inflation,in-laws and insecurity.

For this only a fight begins -------------

"A land of trouble is better than sink of dignity". So fight for your freedom until or unless your breath doesn't ask freedom from your body.

To get justice one must learn the injustice of laws first, then act accordingly  to win the cases.


So,join Men's right movement and be a part of social voice on gender neutral Law. 



  A sufferer......

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