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Friday, 3 January 2014

10 Best Way to reduce/Dismiss Maintenace/Interim Maintenance Amount....

Dear friends and victims of  Biased Law.Following are the 10 Best way to reduce or eliminate The maintenance/Interim maintenance from your shoulder.If all the tips and Points are used actively before or during the procedure then certainly you are going to save your hard earned money from forced charity so called as maintenance to your wicked wife who is willingly made as a parasite with the help of Biased Law.

1. Always initiate yourself first in showing the proof of income as this will show your honest approach of husband and literally it will save the litigation tenure.

2. The procedure of court are very slow.So,better to follow due diligence approach and take as active participant till the finalization of any interim order to again show yourself as a bonafide husband.

3. Always pretend that you have done everything to call back your wife but it was she who dumped you without any reason or you have tried everything to sort out but her cruelties gone to next level.For this you can use any of her email,sms,letters,chats or any audio/video,photos which are admissible in court as documentary evidences.This will again show that you were a responsible as well as caring husband to retain the conjugal life.In this particular scenario she will not get any penny if she has deserted you without any reason.

4. During Marital dispute every husband and wife may get chance of mediation through court.So,it's better to negotiate the amount and amicably settle it down.This will not only decrease the litigation cost in terms of lawyers fee in pendancy of cases but also saves your precious time.

5. During Maintenance fight on the court floor always have a solid argument in terms of wife's capability to earn herself. Always produce the  current statistics of Job and it's remuneration that one would have got on such degree if she would have tried for job instead of simply sitting idle as a parasite for the sake of maintenance.Also add credentials of her prior work experiences if any. This will not only reduce the maintenance amount but also give an added advantage in deciding the final alimony.

6. If wife is working and enjoying her salary then she is not entitled for any maintenance.As maintenance to wife is treated as survival money and not as luxary amount taken from husband in spite of her income.So,Don't miss any chance to collect her job details through RTI if she is working in Govt/PSU sector.If working in private then you could personally indulge to get her income details with the help of any detective agency or through her friends,neighbors,relatives or lastly appointing a court commissionaire to collect the information.

7. When fight for maintenance starts then don't prolong such fights as in such case husbands are only looser in terms of paying Lawyers fee,litigation fee an then interim maintenance which could ordered from date of filling or from date of order which depends on the magistrates discretion in the most of the cases.So,never ever light the maintenance cases for so long. Always try to end actively to shorten your burden in terms every month maintenance till the closure of litigation.

8. If wife has been indulged in infidelity or adultery and you are having a stringent proof against her then she will not get any penny but you will get a neat and clean divorce on such ground from her even without final alimony.In this case you will win your GWA case too.

9.  Generally maintenance is fixed as 1/3 of Husbands intake income. So,better increase your liability through expenses on monthly investments like EPF,GPF,VPF,Life Insurance,Medical insurance, or long term investments on the name of your parents to just minimize the maintenance amounts and on these investments she can't claim any stake further by any means in your life time and even after your death if you have not nominated her.

10. If any husband is sniffing the ditch from her wife or knowing that her wife will definitely file false cases of dowry,violence or maintenance cases  then simply open an A/C on her name with her nod much before her intention comes into action.And every month put some monthly amount in her A/c to show that you are a bonafide customer as a husband. This deposit will definitely show a critical approach in deciding the maintenance/Interim maintenance.

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