Every Sufferer Is A Saviour..

Friday, 1 November 2013


It is more painful when women of the husbands side whether mother or sister are dragged in the false cases by other women i.e wife of his son or brother.

How injustice is granted in this woman friendly country.One side the law is made for women and other side the laws are unparalleled to mother and sisters.

But one thing is clear jaise diamond hi diamond ko kat sakta hai waise hi ek aurat hi dusre aurat ko kat sakti hai........

The strategies below to safeguard Men from Wicked women prior to marriage and after marriage:

1. Every mother of Husband's after his sons marriage take all his properties on her name via stridhan or by gifts in favor of her name.This protect the claim of DIL if it goes for divorce, as for wife stridhan no body can claim theek waise hi mother's stridhan can't be claimed.(Follow the chanakya niti-dushman ko kabhi chota nai samjhna chahiye,this follows from the starting.

2. Make all Video recordings of both side conversation when the girls side comes to grooms side for marriage settlement.Record each and every thing as what they have told in favor of her daughter.Like the girl is homely,girl is educated,girl is sovereign in nature etc etc.This will keep you safe in future when the real character of girl will come after marriage.

3. Take written statement of no dowry taken or given on judicial stamp paper in front witnesses in presence of lawyer this will lead you a safe side when they will claim that they have given this much for that purpose.(Here the matter of money closed).

4. Before marriage see all the certificate of girls education and experience and ask her to give boys side all the attested copies of her education and experience documents dully signed by gazetted officer.(It will be your weapon used for maintenance case once she will lie).

5. Initially every girl unscrupulous and greedy girls behave politely and u naturally but the real colour of the girl comes out within a week as she can't resist her natural behavior on any circumstatnces.So,Before coming of girl to her marital home,every guy should have to put some short of hidden camera in his house to gather her behavior if she become nasty.(Proof at initial stage is very prominent because at that time she will not know that she is going to be trapped in her shameful act if she becomes a 498a wife further.

6. During your first 2-3 months make your wife as lovely as you can,by giving care to her,dresses to her,movies etc.but make sure you always keep the snaps and bills which you have purchased or spended on her at safe mode.In future this will only help you against her cruelties.

7.As the laws are more women friendly and each day nobody know what will be the next increment  will be given to wives by the govt. So, be prepared earlier by following the first step of strategies by the concerned of your mother.

8. A mother and sister can only teach a lesson to this wicked women's.If their relatives or muscle men enters in husbands house in absent of him or in his presence also.You both mother and sister come forward and make a hell out of it as they were misbehaving with you and tried to molest you.Make a case.Then see how this wicked wife and her in laws will afraid to come in husbands house.

9. For false cases the base which you have made will certainly ruin their strength to fight cases.Never afraid of going jail.As once the husband family is ready to face any consequences with more powerful thinking then no body on this earth can save these wicked ladies to go to dearth in their own conspiracies.

10. For gender biased law a gender biased ideas can only help one harassed husband to come out from this.

Best of Luck,

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