Every Sufferer Is A Saviour..

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Suicide rate of Male in India is almost double than Female.

India saw 1,35,445 suicides last year

242 male and 129 female suicides a day. 

The 28 States together accounted for 1,32,667 cases and the seven Union Territories together for 2,778 suicides.

As many as 1,35,445 people committed suicide in the country last year. Statistics released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) show that excluding West Bengal, 79,773 men and 40,715 women had taken the extreme step. West Bengal, where 14,957 suicides were reported, did not provide classification statistics to the NCRB.
The rate of suicide last year stands at 11.2 cases for a population of I lakh. As per rounded off figures provided by the NCRB, on an average, 15 suicides an hour or 371 suicides a day had taken place. When scrutinised further, it reveals 242 male and 129 female suicides a day.
Tamil Nadu tops the list with 16,927 suicides, followed by Maharashtra with 16,112 suicides, West Bengal 3rd and Andhra Pradesh following it with 14,328 suicides. The 28 States together accounted for 1,32,667 cases and the seven Union Territories together for 2,778 suicides. In the administrative division of Lakshadweep, only one person committed suicide. In Delhi UT, it was 1,899. Among the cities of the country, Chennai topped with 2,183 cases.
The rate of suicide at the administrative division of Puducherry was the highest in the country, 36.8 for every 1 lakh persons. With a population close to 15 lakh as per estimated mid-year population, 541 persons committed suicide in Puducherry in 2012. Sikkim follows with a rate of 29.1 per cent and Tamil Nadu 3rd with a rate of 24.9 closely followed by Kerala with 24.3. The national average stands at 11.2.
Family problems accounted for 84 suicides a day on an average. The NCRB figures show that social and economic causes have led most of the men to commit suicides whereas emotional and personal causes have mainly driven women to end their lives. The percentage of suicides by married men was 71.6% and married women 67.9%.
One suicide out of every six suicides was committed by a housewife. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu plus Maharashtra have together accounted for 50.6% of the suicides reported in the country. The highest number of suicide pacts was reported from Rajasthan, 74, followed by Andhra Pradesh (18), Kerala (12), and Gujarat (3), out of 109 such cases reported.
Thirty-seven per cent of the victims took the extreme step by hanging themselves, 29.1 per cent by consuming poison and 8.4 per cent by self-immolation. Last year, 50,062 persons hanged themselves in the country and the majority were men at 34,631. The highest number of such cases was reported from Maharashtra, 7,055 followed by Kerala with 5,629 cases and Tamil Nadu 3rd with 5393 cases.
Nineteen thousand four hundred and forty five persons committed suicide by consuming poison and 12,286 of them were men. Tamil Nadu topped the list with 3,459 cases, followed by Karnataka with 3,173 cases. The number of self-immolation cases was 11,438, the majority being women — 7,326. In this category too, Tamil Nadu topped with 2,349 cases and 1,481 of them were women. Maharashtra followed with 1,674 such cases.
From among the cities, the highest number of self immolation cases was reported from Kanpur (285), followed by Chennai (282). By jumping in front of speeding vehicles, especially trains, 4,259 persons committed suicide and the majority of them were men (3,554). Andhra Pradesh topped this list with 1,101 cases.
As per NCRB statistics, 1,35,585 persons committed suicide in the country in 2011. NCRB statistics from 2002 shows that the annual suicide cases in the country always stood above the 1 lakh mark and the highest number of cases was in 2011. In 2002, it was 1,10,417 cases. 


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Is this not "A Divorce better than daily suffering in marital life"...

The beauty of life is that "It never says anything It just perform it’s work whatever comes under its way". The grudges and Happiness are like two toddlers who grows till one not leave this materialistic world for ever. If I say both are the faces of a coin which is just opposite to the other then I will be not wrong. Here,Husband and wife are to be called as single life with common aim and objective and that is to live life without overlapping each other. The prime focus is to live the life at fullest..

It quite obvious to comment on such patriarchal phase of marriages where one is husband and other is wife sharing two different doors of life. Here,I would like to impart the meaning of Marriages which is not only a sacred bond but also an Institution where both the spouses are the alumni of that same institution carrying the similar thoughts.. .

Marriages are not a Cage where Parrot and Mynah Both are Fixed together to survive just for the sake of society ,to just entertain the Social families ethics. It’s quite sarcastic as those who are commenting without any suffice on this topic.I Don’t believe in dead marriages and to carry it for the just sake of society. Those who do they are also dead like their marriages. Men and women are made to fulfill each other expectations,needs and values and if any one is not a cordial to share the same feelings and trust to continue this sacred relationship they should be part way amicably rather that just crumbling each other without any sense.

The society and it’s traditions are so biased that A woman who want to be a free from her own dead marriage she can’t due to the thoughts of the irrational societies. In today’s world a women is neither treated as Goddess nor like a wife and the sole reason goes to the Biased society and their so called partial laws.
I feel ashamed here that a non-living object is divided for their title and rulings but what about humans………is this fare that A society is divided according to caste,creed,customs and traditions and now the only two gender that is male and female has also been divided for the sake of societal and political benefits.
Iam not here to make any differences between Man and woman but this article is only about the thoughts of a different Man and woman on the single cause that is Life..

Women thinks that if her so called husband will not follow her,if he will leave her then she can’t be adjusted in this baseless society who only acts as a rumor mongers and family breakers.
But I have seen many women who believe in themselves,who have dignity in their thoughts,they think that these women are not a parasite whether financially or emotionally on their husbands and on societies.. That’s why they are called leading women far ahead than Men.

Life is a place of experiments but men and women are experimenting on their own happiness in lieu of keeping their dead marriages intact. I say if one is not happy in a relationship then how could he/she could keep others happy…..Don’t this makes a matter more worst when a man and women are kept intact against their will and happiness to just called as social husband or wife rather than Natural husband and wife…

Men and women Just think and think……..because if you are thinking the worst then at some where you are also thinking of right.....is this not"A Divorce better than daily suffering in marital life"

Written and posted by ESIS


What an illogical and apartheid thinking do Indian wife have. You are asking such thing which is dead. Can you ever imagine a dead body to stand and speak with you once you have killed him? How could you predict with the same for your marriage. Making false cases to teach a lesson to your husband and In-laws is anything beyond justification. Marriages are the junction of two hearts, where each other is eagerly waiting for re-union after many halts.
I have come across several situations and threads posted by victim wives.They are asking how to get reunite after making her own husband and in-laws accused in 498a, 406, 506,420,34,35etc.For the just sake of teaching a powerful lesson to their husband and in-laws.They claim that their marriages been solemnized by the way of hefty dowry and gifts which were given by their parents, how could be leave this by saying let them go.

Dear, wives have you ever thought No husband side can take dowry once the girl side strictly say NO to such grooms. Why the hell the girl’s parents are marrying their daughter to such greedy institutions. I beg my pardon here, Many marriages took place with NRI as an assumption of luxury and world tour for their daughters, but they don’t even think that "only money can’t give happiness to their lovely daughter’s". Here the question of Ditch by NRI’s stops once the parents will come out from the money game.

In India the show game is everywhere, like for example:-in an apartment two members of same earning and of age i.e.,one Sharma jii has purchased a car called i10, the very next day or within a week you will come to know that other member called Mishra jii adjacent to his flat also purchased a car but not i10 it’s i20 it's not matter how he had purchased, may be by selling the jewellery of his wife or by Loan. The big question is same here for marriage.... In India marriages have different eye point of view.Here,the lust of giving dowry is more than taking dowry. The great pomp and show will be a never a different story for even a chai wala’s daughter.

I knew it’s not easy to stand once more when these institutions of marriage doesn’t work after that. My question here is do Money you have given is equivalent to your precious life?. Don’t differ from the genuine cases here, as I am talking about false cases only to cough out the money which bride side has given and groom side has taken.

Dear wives, even you are 25-30 at the time of false cases definitely you will cross 31-36 minimum after the decision of cases and I am not sure that everything you have needed will achieve within this time frame after rigorous efforts of court hearings.
But in true sense if you are qualified and in these 6 years who might have collected the whooping success by your meritorious experiences of job which would be useful to your in every aspect of your life. Why to be hell bent to get the dead body attached with your neck all the time, when you also know that nothing will happen even you put 302 IPC charge on your husband and in-laws to cohabit with you.

Moreover, the only matters is love and affection through out  your entire life which you can easily achieve in due course of time once you will be free from your own dead marriages as early as you can. So, Please don’t use these words as “"I FILLED CRIMINAL CASES ON HUSBAND YET I WANT HIM BACK"

Written and Posted by ESIS

Sunday, 27 October 2013

A night had been so darker that it needed a Brightest day .....

Dream,Destiny and Desire are talking with themselves:

Dream: Could I have a Destiny to full fill my desires?

Destiny: Yes off course ,

Desire:   Dream ,Why you left me?

Dream: I didn't left you as you are made to follow me...!

The above dialogues between Dream,Destiny and Desire is so true that every night they keep fighting with each other for a new morning.

A man with an ambitious thought ran behind his desire , he ran until and unless he doesn't achieved it.Yes that man was nothing but a new morning in one's dark night.He slept for his dream to make it reality. Many a times he waked up ,Many a times he sat for his fear, Many a times he wiped his tears...till he doesn't erased the all black frown's of night.

A very Good morning.....!!

When Every Sufferer eventually turns to be a Saviour...!!

There are tons of memories and loads of fun & frolic moments ,where we think ourselves that "May life go in this way only,where these positive lurches could not be stopped by anybody. But,alas! it's not an artificial vibes or an immortal spacecraft made for a revolutionary path a way out in deep throats of sky.

Human's are just like newton's second law of motion as it signifies that "A flow of feelings whether sad or joy runs with the same zeal and passion before a break doesn't disturb it's core tendency. Every human must had crossed his/her Rainy days some where in his life. He/she must be felt with agony of why to be borne when happiness is no where,as it is miles away to reach on time. Every body on this earth is crushed by some thing or other, Even the world's richest man must be suffering of something which is not known by anyone, even God had suffered in their life if we see the history of Lord Zeus,Lord Rama & Krishna, Md.Prophet,Our Wahe gurus, Lord Mahavira of Jain religion,Lord Buddha of Buddhism  and so on...

It's clear that when God were not left with any stone to be unturned for their Aims and objectives then what is the value of we Human's in terms of suffering...!!

The good part of bad times are that "They never be constant and maintainable,they are always uncertain like our desire which goes up during the time of sunny days and automatically runs down with rainy day's and this desire run's in opposite direction due to as above said "Newton's second Law of motion".

Hope is somewhat the real solution for all these Black holes of ones life.
A man is one who never looses hope to find the shore even by phantom of cyclone hit's him in the deep ocean. Same here,as the bird who are left alone in the entire sea always sit at top of the deck and keep watching for the ray of hope to find flock of birds......

I see the life , I feel the Life and I Live the life......as Every Sufferer eventually turns to be a Saviour.

Written By A sufferer When he Transformed to Be ESIS