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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Women have created bridge to sell men

Click the following Links to read the truth:
False terror cases destroying families, Muslims say TOI 01 Sep 2013, 16:16 IST
False terror cases against young Muslim boys was the main concern expressed by the minority community members who gathered here to take stock of the promises made by the UPA government.
Tribal gang-rape case 'false' TOI 05 Nov 2013, 10:28 IST
The alleged gang rape complaint lodged by a 23-year-old woman at Kancharapalem police station on November 1 was found to be fake during the course of investigation.
Act against traffic cops who file false cases, Delhi court says TOI 25 Oct 2013, 06:33 IST
A trial court has ordered the DCP traffic to conduct an inquiry into allegations of traffic cops indulging in corrupt activities and implicating innocent people in false cases.
Woman sentenced for levelling false charge of rape against man TOI 03 Sep 2013, 20:39 IST
A woman was awarded a sentence of four years and a fine of Rs 11,000 for levelling false rape charges against her landlord, after a dispute over the payment of rent due to which the landlord committed suicide.
Spurt in domestic violence, but not all are genuine cases TOI 09 Aug 2013, 08:55 IST
Records reveal that the cases of domestic violence against women are on the rise in Trichy, though not all are genuine incidents.

Businessman faces trial over false evidence in Mumbai TOI 21 Aug 2013, 08:16 IST
A metropolitan magistrate has ordered prosecution of a businessman for providing false evidence in the court in a cheating and fraud case.
Gang-rape plaint turns out to be false TOI 20 Aug 2013, 12:50 IST
A 'gang-rape' complaint turned out to be false when medical tests proved that the 21-year-old 'victim' had not been raped and a police probe revealed that the woman and her boyfriend had been involved in previous cases of immoral trafficking.

Fashion of filing false rape cases......


I can really ruin your life If I want to :Any woman

TNN Jul 28, 2013, 04.08AM IST
NEW DELHI: A spurt in false cases has earned Delhi notoriety as the country's 'rape capital', a court here observed while acquitting a 75-year-old man of the charge of sexually assaulting his maid. The court said things have come to such a pass after the Nirbhaya gang rape in December that the mere statement of a woman about rape is taken as gospel truth, the accused arrested and chargesheeted.
"This led to an unprecedented surge in filing of false rape cases... It is these false cases which play havoc with the crime statistics, leading to the labeling of Delhi as a rape capital," additional sessions judge Virender Bhat said while acquitting Bhopal Sharma.

The court observed that as acquittals in such cases are hardly ever reported, the falsely implicated persons lose their honour, dignity and status in society, and while these cannot be restored, "these victims" can be compensated so that they can start life afresh.

It also noted that "it is a matter of intense regret that even the frail, sick and aged persons are not spared the false allegation of rape".

The prosecution claimed Sharma and his neighbour Anita became friends when they met in a hospital where his ailing wife was admitted. After Sharma's wife died, Anita arranged a maid for him. The woman, who is in her 30s, alleged that a few days after she started working for Sharma in July 2012, he raped her and then bought her silence with the promise of marriage. They remained in a sexual relationship, she claimed, till the time Sharma reneged on his promise. She lodged a police complaint on October 11, 2012.
However, during the trial, the woman turned hostile and said she had leveled false allegations at the behest of Anita and another person, Kuldeep, to usurp Sharma's property. Expressing the need for courts to be empowered to award compensation to false rape case victims, the judge also lamented that the media turn a blind eye to acquittals in such cases.

"Nobody bothers to see in how many cases the accused are convicted. The acquittal of an accused is not noticed at all and he continues to be labeled a 'rapist' even after his honorable acquittal."
The judge also said that right from the day the accused was first produced before him, he had wondered, "How such a frail old man, who cannot even stand straight, would rape a young lady in her mid-30s, jhaving lot more strength than the accused".

Source: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-07-28/delhi/40848274_1_false-cases-false-allegation-anita

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Permanent alimony cancelled by court...



Arun Kashinath Deshpande…. ….. …. Appellant.
Smt.Inumati Ramchandra Deo …. ….. …. Respondent.
Mr.Prasad Kulkarni i/by Mr.P.S.Dani, Adv. For the appellant.
Ms.Shilpa A. Joshi, Adv. For the respondent.
8th April, 2010.
ORAL JUDGMENT: (Per Deshpande, J.)
Both these appeals question the legality and validity of the judgment and order passed by the Family Court and the parties being common the appeals are heard together and are being disposed of by this common judgment. The family court as well has disposed of P.A.No.77/01 and MA No.7/01 by common judgment.
Family Court Appeal No.116/02 is filed by the husband whereas Family Court Appeal No.47/07 is filed by the wife. Parties to these appeals would be referred to as the husband and wife.

2. Marriage between the parties took place on 27.9.1984. The husband filed petition for divorce against the respondent being PA No.431/90 in the family court at Pune on the ground of cruelty. Family court passed decree of divorce in favour of the husband on 5.8.91. While passing decree of divorce the family court granted permanent alimony to the wife at the rate of Rs.600/­ per month by exercising discretionary powers under section 25(1) of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. The wife thereafter filed PA No.764/1995 for enhancement of quantum of permanent alimony and the court vide its order dated 30.6.96 enhanced the amount of permanent alimony from Rs.600/­ per month to Rs.800/­ per month. At a later point of time the husband filed FA No.77/01 for cancellation of permanent alimony awarded to the wife in PA No.431/90 which was enhanced in PA No.764/95. The main ground on which the husband moved the petition for cancellation of permanent alimony was that the wife had suppressed her income and had obtained the order of permanent alimony by misrepresenting the court that she has no source of income. In Petition No.77/01 the husband has averred that the wife has been carrying on business since long. It is also claimed that she has a shop of her own wherein she is carrying on business. She also has STD booth in her name at Nashik and has also share in the properties situated at Nashik. On the said pleadings it was emphasized that as an order of permanent alimony was obtained by misrepresentation the order be cancelled. Besides filing the said petition for cancellation of permanent alimony the husband also filed MA No.7/01 requesting the court to take action against the wife by lodging a complaint for the offences under sections 193, 182, 196, 199, 200 and 201 of IPC, as the respondent wife had given false evidence before the court in earlier proceedings. The family court decreed FA No.77/01 and thereby cancelled the order of grant of permanent alimony from the date of filing of petition. The incidental relief claimed by the husband which is in the nature of direction for return of amount of maintenance paid by the husband to the wife came to be rejected. The court also rejected the MA No.7/01 for taking action against the respondent wife for leading false evidence before the Court. Dissatisfied by the judgment and order passed by the family court in refusing to issue direction to respondent wife to return the amount of maintenance paid earlier and aggrieved by refusal to take action against the respondent wife for having led false evidence before the court the husband has filed the FCA No.116/02 whereas the wife being aggrieved by the judgment and order passed by family court cancelling the permanent alimony has filed FCA No.47/07. It is relevant to note that the wife has filed the appeal as late as in the year 2007 whereas the appeal filed by the husband is of the year 2002. Thus the questions for determination which arises in these appeals are (i) as to whether the family court is justified in cancelling the order of grant of permanent alimony and in refusing to issue direction against the wife to return the amount of maintenance already received? (ii) Is the court justified in rejecting the request made by the husband to take action against the respondent wife for leading false evidence? The appellant husband has examined in all five witnesses out of which witness Abhijit Bhalchandra Dakwe is the key witness and his evidence has been considered by the trial court in great details. The said witness is examined with a view to establish the fact that the respondent wife carries on business in a shop located in front of Nigdi bus stop at Bombay Pune road. This witness has visited the shop and has seen the respondent wife working therein. He has also made some purchases from the shop and receipts are passed in acknowledgment of having received the amount towards the goods sold by the respondent wife. Besides the oral evidence of Abhijit recorded at Ex.66 other important documents are at Exs.37, 38 and 39. Ex.37 is an application made by the respondent wife to the Pimpri Chinchwad municipal corporation with view to seek allotment of shop admeasuring 20 x 25 sq. ft. The said application is stated to have been submitted by the respondent wife in the presence of witness Abhijit. A format is annexed to the application which is at Ex.38 and Ex.39 is an affidavit accompanying the application at Ex.37. All the three documents i.e. the application, format and the affidavit constitute a proposal submitted by the respondent wife with a view to obtain shop premises from the corporation. The wife had initially denied the execution of the said documents which not only bear the signature of the respondent wife but also a photograph of the respondent is affixed thereon. The said three documents which have bearing on the question involved in these appeals are written in the hand writing of the respondent wife.
As stated herein above though the respondent has denied the writing and the execution of these documents, she was thoroughly cross examined touching the said documents by the advocate for the appellant. From the answers given by the respondent wife to the questions put in searching cross examination by advocate for the husband it can be seen that she has tried to contend that she is not sure as to whether the writing and the signature on the said documents belong to her. The court on comparison of the signatures which could be said to be disputed signatures at Exs.37 to 39 with admitted signatures of the respondent wife has come to a definite conclusion that the writings so also the signature on Exs.37 to 39 are that of the respondent 4 wife. The family court has also obtained specimen of writing and signature of the respondent wife and after comparing the same with the admitted writing and signature has reached the definite conclusion that the said three documents are executed by the respondent wife herself. What is stated by the applicant in the application and the affidavit is that she is educated woman industrialist and has past experience of running an industry so also experience of service rendered prior in point of o time. Touching her income and the sources from which she is receiving the same it is categorically mentioned that she owns one Laxmi Store from which monthly income is Rs.1200 to 1500/­.
It is then stated that she owns a STD booth/general store at Nashik under the name of Vasundhara Enterprises from which she is earning income of Rs. 4000 to 5000. The business place is stated to be owned by her. It is also stated that from typing business she earns more than Rs. 2500/­.
Other particulars are also furnished by the respondent wife such as estimated initial capital to be invested in the premises proposed to be taken on lease from the Corporation and the expected income from the said business. If the statements made in the affidavit are taken to be true and correct then definitely the Respondent wife has suppressed material facts while obtaining an order of permanent alimony. Nondisclosure of relevant facts and suppression of material facts have induced the family court to award permanent alimony of Rs.600/­ on 5.8.91 so also enhancing to Rs.800/­ per month in the year 1995. The trial court being of the view that the respondent wife has deliberately suppressed her income and thus obtained an order from the court by misrepresentation has proceeded to cancel the grant of permanent alimony with effect from the date of filing of the petition by the husband. We have perused the judgment and order passed by family court under section 25(2) of the act. We do not see any reason to interfere with the appreciation of evidence by the family court touching the income of the respondent wife.
The view taken is very much possible view. It does not call for any interference.

3. Learned counsel for the appellant husband has submitted that the family court ought to have issued necessary direction against the respondent wife to for return of the amount received by her towards maintenance. The amount received is trivial sum of Rs. 600/­ per month from the year 1991 to 1995 and thereafter to Rs. 800/­ from 1995 onwards. The respondent wife was neither granted nor has she received any huge amount which necessitates directing recovery of that amount, more so, having regard to the fact that the parties were husband and wife by relation. It is then submitted that the Court ought to have taken action against the respondent for having led false evidence. The trial court has taken a pragmatic view of the matter in not permitting scope of dispute being widened between the parties. There is no point in forcing the parties in further litigation that too of criminal nature. Though the wife has stated in the affidavit that she is earning a sum of Rs.4000 to 5000 per month by way of income it is hardly a substantial amount. In our considered view, the approach of the family court is just and reasonable. Hence no interference is called for. In the result both the appeals stand dismissed with no order as to costs. Needless to mention that interim order, if any, stands vacated.

Unemployed husband can't be forced to give maintenance to wife.

Date of Reserve: 9th August, 2010
Date of Order: 27th August, 2010
+Crl.M.C.No. 491/2009
Sanjay Bhardwaj & Ors. ... Petitioner Through: Dr. Naipal Singh, Advocate
The State & Anr. ... Respondents Through: Mr. O.P.Saxena, APP for the State
With Mr. Gajraj Singh, SI
Mr. K.C.Jain, Adv. for the Complainant/Wife
1. Whether reporters of local papers may be allowed to see the judgment? Yes.
2. To be referred to the reporter or not? Yes.
3. Whether judgment should be reported in Digest? Yes. JUDGMENT
The present petition under Section 482 Cr.P.C.
assails an order of interim maintenance under The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005
(in short Domestic Violence Act) passed by the learned MM on 16th January, 2008 and confirmed by the
learned Additional Sessions Judge in appeal by order dated 29th February, 2008.
2. The petitioner was a Non-Resident Indian, working in Luanda, Angola in Africa as a Manager. He came to
India Crl.M.C.No. 491/2009 Sanjay Bhardwaj & Ors. v. The State & Anr. Page 1 of 6 taking leave from his
job for marriage. Marriage between the petitioner and respondent no.2/wife was settled through matrimonial
advertisement. The respondent wife was MA (English) and MBA. As per her bio-data sent before marriage,
she was doing job with a Multinational Company. The marriage between the parties was solemnized on 14th
May, 2007 at a Farmhouse in Vasant Kunj and was got registered on 25th May, 2007. The parties lived
together for a limited period of 10 days i.e. from 15th May, 2007 to 19th May, 2007 and from 2nd June to 6th
June, 2007. While the allegations of husband are that marriage failed within 3 weeks since the wife was
suffering from a chronic disease about which no information was given to him before marriage and a fraud
was played. The allegations made by wife were as usual of dowry demand and harassment. Since the marriage
did not succeed, the husband/petitioner filed a petition under Section 12 of Hindu Marriage Act for declaring
the marriage as null and void and the wife first filed an FIR against the husband under Section 498A/406 IPC
and then filed an application under Section 12 of Domestic Violence Act.
3. It is not relevant for the purpose of this petition to go into the details of allegations and counter allegations
made Crl.M.C.No. 491/2009 Sanjay Bhardwaj & Ors. v. The State & Anr. Page 2 of 6 by each other. Suffice
Sanjay Bhardwaj & Ors. vs The State & Anr. on 27 August, 2010
Indian Kanoon - http://indiankanoon.org/doc/397640/

it to say that the learned MM passed an order dated 16th January, 2008 directing husband to pay an interim
maintenance of ` 5000/- pm to the wife. He fixed this maintenance without considering the contentions raised
by the husband (as is stated in the order) that the husband lost his job in Angola (Africa) where he was
working before marriage because his passport was seized by police and he could not join his duties back.
After marriage he remained in India, he was not employed. In the appeal, learned Additional Session Judge
noted the contentions raised by the husband that he had become jobless because of the circumstances as stated
by him and he had no source of income, he was not even able to maintain himself and had incurred loan, but
observed that since the petitioner had earlier worked abroad as Sales Manager and in view of the provisions of
Domestic Violence Act, he had the responsibility to maintain the wife and monetary relief was necessarily to
be provided to the aggrieved person i.e. wife. He observed that the wife was not able to maintain herself
therefore husband, who earned handsomely in past while working abroad, was liable to pay ` 5000/- pm to the
wife as fixed by the learned MM. Crl.M.C.No. 491/2009 Sanjay Bhardwaj & Ors. v. The State & Anr. Page 3
of 6
4. A perusal of Domestic Violence Act shows that Domestic Violence Act does not create any additional right
in favour of wife regarding maintenance. It only enables the Magistrate to pass a maintenance order as per the
rights available under existing laws. While, the Act specifies the duties and functions of protection officer,
police officer, service providers, magistrate, medical facility providers and duties of Government, the Act is
silent about the duties of husband or the duties of wife. Thus, maintenance can be fixed by the Court under
Domestic Violence Act only as per prevalent law regarding providing of maintenance by husband to the wife.
Under prevalent laws i.e. Hindu Adoption & Maintenance Act, Hindu Marriage Act, Section 125 Cr.P.C - a
husband is supposed to maintain his un-earning spouse out of the income which he earns. No law provides
that a husband has to maintain a wife, living separately from him, irrespective of the fact whether he earns or
not. Court cannot tell the husband that he should beg, borrow or steal but give maintenance to the wife, more
so when the husband and wife are almost equally qualified and almost equally capable of earning and both of
them claimed to be gainfully employed before marriage. If the husband was BSc. and Masters in Marketing
Management from Pondicherry University, the wife was MA Crl.M.C.No. 491/2009 Sanjay Bhardwaj & Ors.
v. The State & Anr. Page 4 of 6 (English) & MBA. If the husband was working as a Manager abroad, the wife
with MBA degree was also working in an MNC in India. Under these circumstances, fixing of maintenance
by the Court without there being even a prima facie proof of the husband being employed in India and with
clear proof of the fact that the passport of the husband was seized, he was not permitted to leave country, (the
bail was given with a condition that he shall keep visiting Investigating Officer as and when called) is contrary
to law and not warranted under provisions of Domestic Violence Act.
5. We are living in an era of equality of sexes. The Constitution provides equal treatment to be given
irrespective of sex, caste and creed. An unemployed husband, who is holding an MBA degree, cannot be
treated differently to an unemployed wife, who is also holding an MBA degree. Since both are on equal
footing one cannot be asked to maintain other unless one is employed and other is not employed. As far as
dependency on parents is concerned, I consider that once a person is grown up, educated he cannot be asked
to beg and borrow from the parents and maintain wife. The parents had done their duty of educating them and
now they Crl.M.C.No. 491/2009 Sanjay Bhardwaj & Ors. v. The State & Anr. Page 5 of 6 cannot be burdened
to maintain husband and wife as both are grown up and must take care of themselves.
6. It must be remembered that there is no legal presumption that behind every failed marriage there is either
dowry demand or domestic violence. Marriages do fail for various other reasons. The difficulty is that real
causes of failure of marriage are rarely admitted in Courts. Truth and honesty is becoming a rare commodity,
in marriages and in averments made before the Courts.
7. I therefore find that the order dated 16th January, 2008 passed by the learned MM and order dated 29th
February, 2008 passed by the learned Additional Sessions Judge fixing maintenance without there being any
prima facie proof of the husband being employed are not tenable under Domestic Violence Act. The petition
is allowed. The orders passed by Metropolitan Magistrate and learned Additional Sessions Judge are hereby
set aside.
August 27, 2010 SHIV NARAYAN DHINGRA, J. vn
Crl.M.C.No. 491/2009 Sanjay Bhardwaj & Ors. v. The State & Anr. Page 6 of 6
Sanjay Bhardwaj & Ors. vs The State & Anr. on 27 August, 2010
Indian Kanoon - http://indiankanoon.org/doc/397640/

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Dil........Diwali........aur jhute cases in India.

Today is Diwali.....A festival of light and crackers with jammed packed of sweets. Every home in India must be celebrating his/her Diwali, but thousands of among them must be getting themselves ready for the next date of hearing of 498a , DVA 2005 or other false cases filed by their female counterpart.
It's interesting to note that with every cracker's sound there would be thousands of another men thinking of next blast by their wives, What would be the next  post Diwali bonus for him.

 In India filling cases had become a hobby of pro extortionist woman and there is no restrictions for filling any number of false cases or complaints as what ever may be the future result's it doesn't matter for them.But,initially an innocent man has to be treated as so called a professional criminal just like a sharp shooter of her own wife and a c grade cheap hawkers on the streets who boozes to full tank with pouch (A desi wine for them) and very proudly goes to her wife and without listening her present a receipt of slaps on her whole body.

An interesting part of such interrogation and custody of men who has been trapped in false cases is that "they don't have to say anything as they only keep watching their wives and in-laws in police station who are so punctual that before arriving of accused they are standing with such neat and tidy persona implicating that "soon a movie shoot on Indian Bakra" will be started.

The all around conversations goes on the protagonist of the play and that is non-other than wife. A third grade ranker in the department will try to show his exclusive power on husband who is not even the half of his qualification. A very pity state of affairs goes on when these monkey's will ask you to accept your fault and pay them a predefined rate of freedom which will be equally divided among all the monger's afterwards.

but ,but..
those husbands who are real fighter's they will not bow down and will never sign any documents or paper. They will smash a word with the I/o that please go through your investigation and if you found any guilty without any proof then I am on the way of you.Before that if you want to lodge a complaint without investigation then make it, but be sure, if any thing goes without proof and proper investigation then U/A 226,32 and U/s 330 IPC you will be booked for wrong duty and performances by a public servant.

Friday, 1 November 2013


It is more painful when women of the husbands side whether mother or sister are dragged in the false cases by other women i.e wife of his son or brother.

How injustice is granted in this woman friendly country.One side the law is made for women and other side the laws are unparalleled to mother and sisters.

But one thing is clear jaise diamond hi diamond ko kat sakta hai waise hi ek aurat hi dusre aurat ko kat sakti hai........

The strategies below to safeguard Men from Wicked women prior to marriage and after marriage:

1. Every mother of Husband's after his sons marriage take all his properties on her name via stridhan or by gifts in favor of her name.This protect the claim of DIL if it goes for divorce, as for wife stridhan no body can claim theek waise hi mother's stridhan can't be claimed.(Follow the chanakya niti-dushman ko kabhi chota nai samjhna chahiye,this follows from the starting.

2. Make all Video recordings of both side conversation when the girls side comes to grooms side for marriage settlement.Record each and every thing as what they have told in favor of her daughter.Like the girl is homely,girl is educated,girl is sovereign in nature etc etc.This will keep you safe in future when the real character of girl will come after marriage.

3. Take written statement of no dowry taken or given on judicial stamp paper in front witnesses in presence of lawyer this will lead you a safe side when they will claim that they have given this much for that purpose.(Here the matter of money closed).

4. Before marriage see all the certificate of girls education and experience and ask her to give boys side all the attested copies of her education and experience documents dully signed by gazetted officer.(It will be your weapon used for maintenance case once she will lie).

5. Initially every girl unscrupulous and greedy girls behave politely and u naturally but the real colour of the girl comes out within a week as she can't resist her natural behavior on any circumstatnces.So,Before coming of girl to her marital home,every guy should have to put some short of hidden camera in his house to gather her behavior if she become nasty.(Proof at initial stage is very prominent because at that time she will not know that she is going to be trapped in her shameful act if she becomes a 498a wife further.

6. During your first 2-3 months make your wife as lovely as you can,by giving care to her,dresses to her,movies etc.but make sure you always keep the snaps and bills which you have purchased or spended on her at safe mode.In future this will only help you against her cruelties.

7.As the laws are more women friendly and each day nobody know what will be the next increment  will be given to wives by the govt. So, be prepared earlier by following the first step of strategies by the concerned of your mother.

8. A mother and sister can only teach a lesson to this wicked women's.If their relatives or muscle men enters in husbands house in absent of him or in his presence also.You both mother and sister come forward and make a hell out of it as they were misbehaving with you and tried to molest you.Make a case.Then see how this wicked wife and her in laws will afraid to come in husbands house.

9. For false cases the base which you have made will certainly ruin their strength to fight cases.Never afraid of going jail.As once the husband family is ready to face any consequences with more powerful thinking then no body on this earth can save these wicked ladies to go to dearth in their own conspiracies.

10. For gender biased law a gender biased ideas can only help one harassed husband to come out from this.

Best of Luck,




 Don't disguised by just few drops of tears from the eyes of wicked women in front of the judges as these women are highly crooked by passing societies due to urbanization. In today's India where 98% of 498a cases are false and merely 2 % get accused for the said cause. In DVA 2005 in this particular year the above article says that in Delhi just 3 months back where 38 cases of DVA was dismissed in a month due to their falsify in nature.
I say women also have their brain,with two hands , two legs and their own stomach and sense to at least work for their dignity and don't become parasite on their husband. ....But no,they think that "they have universal right given by these biased law". So, they can ask every thing through right even tough they are capable to earn and maintain themselves. I say if you go to a village where an uneducated women along with her husband work in the field as a laborer for her families livelihood then why can't an educated women can earn at least 130/- per day even low than MGNREGA workers appointed for 100 days of employment who are below poverty level.

Now if we talk about adultery.....a man who sleeps with a married women then he had performed illegal act and for these he would be sued for 5 years of imprisonment but the same act also done by his counterpart women,but for her no punishment...what is this? is this not a biased law? so just read the case laws with wide open eyes madam before suggesting us to read and understand. You women can easily go for a relationship and when it is saturated or you may say as getting bored then you can leave them and indulge in new relationship but for this there is no punishment's.And the same act if done by a man then he is liable for rape,breach of trust ,forgery,fraud and many more and he will be entered into rigorous punishment but the same act done by women there is no punishment...So what you will call this?
even now also you will say as this is not biased Law? if you still  say it is justice then I wonder what is Injustice then. So,it's your time to think and in fact try to understand the situation of men In India.

It's very pathetic to see that very rare of rarest our media used to take the count down of these biased laws where thousands of men are daily harassed by these biased law whereas a single incidence related to women are covered nationally by them.
This type of misuse of law by women with very prominence in one's eyes that I have cheated the Indian law by their own fake manufactured laws. It's not the problem of thousands of husbands here as the recent survey suggests that 2 out of every 4 men in India is under the threat of either false cases or has been charged in the matrimonial disputes.

I am not shocked after reading the articles online that how men do suicides to get rid out from vernacular or heinous wives who not only play with these laws but also do business by the means of settlements.
If this type of victimization continues by the process of legal suffering from their threats and extortion's then I don't think that a day will not come when every sufferer will Khule-aam ask from the law makers "the cost of their life against just sake of pleasing the NCW or educated women to give them votes". The mockery of these law you can say are held by urban women's who take their pride to play and misuse these Law which are actually made for the real suffering women's who are found in  the remote areas or villages where they are hardly  think to come to court and invest on lawyers for their genuine 498a or DVA cases. 
I am ashamed that women are willingly made weaker sections in the society only for the cause of ruling over her and not for her betterment.

   We the males only get the knowledge of these biased laws and can only wait for the apply on oneself.This social stigma will definitely roar one day when each boy of the society will come forward and will break the rules and adopt the unbiased law made by themselves.Needless, to say we are born in the country where social poison is developed among each creature to just rule and rule by the means of divide and rule policy "which is better stated in the history of India"

"May God save India from these Draconian s"