Every Sufferer Is A Saviour..

Friday, 1 November 2013



 Don't disguised by just few drops of tears from the eyes of wicked women in front of the judges as these women are highly crooked by passing societies due to urbanization. In today's India where 98% of 498a cases are false and merely 2 % get accused for the said cause. In DVA 2005 in this particular year the above article says that in Delhi just 3 months back where 38 cases of DVA was dismissed in a month due to their falsify in nature.
I say women also have their brain,with two hands , two legs and their own stomach and sense to at least work for their dignity and don't become parasite on their husband. ....But no,they think that "they have universal right given by these biased law". So, they can ask every thing through right even tough they are capable to earn and maintain themselves. I say if you go to a village where an uneducated women along with her husband work in the field as a laborer for her families livelihood then why can't an educated women can earn at least 130/- per day even low than MGNREGA workers appointed for 100 days of employment who are below poverty level.

Now if we talk about adultery.....a man who sleeps with a married women then he had performed illegal act and for these he would be sued for 5 years of imprisonment but the same act also done by his counterpart women,but for her no punishment...what is this? is this not a biased law? so just read the case laws with wide open eyes madam before suggesting us to read and understand. You women can easily go for a relationship and when it is saturated or you may say as getting bored then you can leave them and indulge in new relationship but for this there is no punishment's.And the same act if done by a man then he is liable for rape,breach of trust ,forgery,fraud and many more and he will be entered into rigorous punishment but the same act done by women there is no punishment...So what you will call this?
even now also you will say as this is not biased Law? if you still  say it is justice then I wonder what is Injustice then. So,it's your time to think and in fact try to understand the situation of men In India.

It's very pathetic to see that very rare of rarest our media used to take the count down of these biased laws where thousands of men are daily harassed by these biased law whereas a single incidence related to women are covered nationally by them.
This type of misuse of law by women with very prominence in one's eyes that I have cheated the Indian law by their own fake manufactured laws. It's not the problem of thousands of husbands here as the recent survey suggests that 2 out of every 4 men in India is under the threat of either false cases or has been charged in the matrimonial disputes.

I am not shocked after reading the articles online that how men do suicides to get rid out from vernacular or heinous wives who not only play with these laws but also do business by the means of settlements.
If this type of victimization continues by the process of legal suffering from their threats and extortion's then I don't think that a day will not come when every sufferer will Khule-aam ask from the law makers "the cost of their life against just sake of pleasing the NCW or educated women to give them votes". The mockery of these law you can say are held by urban women's who take their pride to play and misuse these Law which are actually made for the real suffering women's who are found in  the remote areas or villages where they are hardly  think to come to court and invest on lawyers for their genuine 498a or DVA cases. 
I am ashamed that women are willingly made weaker sections in the society only for the cause of ruling over her and not for her betterment.

   We the males only get the knowledge of these biased laws and can only wait for the apply on oneself.This social stigma will definitely roar one day when each boy of the society will come forward and will break the rules and adopt the unbiased law made by themselves.Needless, to say we are born in the country where social poison is developed among each creature to just rule and rule by the means of divide and rule policy "which is better stated in the history of India"

"May God save India from these Draconian s"


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