Every Sufferer Is A Saviour..

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Dil........Diwali........aur jhute cases in India.

Today is Diwali.....A festival of light and crackers with jammed packed of sweets. Every home in India must be celebrating his/her Diwali, but thousands of among them must be getting themselves ready for the next date of hearing of 498a , DVA 2005 or other false cases filed by their female counterpart.
It's interesting to note that with every cracker's sound there would be thousands of another men thinking of next blast by their wives, What would be the next  post Diwali bonus for him.

 In India filling cases had become a hobby of pro extortionist woman and there is no restrictions for filling any number of false cases or complaints as what ever may be the future result's it doesn't matter for them.But,initially an innocent man has to be treated as so called a professional criminal just like a sharp shooter of her own wife and a c grade cheap hawkers on the streets who boozes to full tank with pouch (A desi wine for them) and very proudly goes to her wife and without listening her present a receipt of slaps on her whole body.

An interesting part of such interrogation and custody of men who has been trapped in false cases is that "they don't have to say anything as they only keep watching their wives and in-laws in police station who are so punctual that before arriving of accused they are standing with such neat and tidy persona implicating that "soon a movie shoot on Indian Bakra" will be started.

The all around conversations goes on the protagonist of the play and that is non-other than wife. A third grade ranker in the department will try to show his exclusive power on husband who is not even the half of his qualification. A very pity state of affairs goes on when these monkey's will ask you to accept your fault and pay them a predefined rate of freedom which will be equally divided among all the monger's afterwards.

but ,but..
those husbands who are real fighter's they will not bow down and will never sign any documents or paper. They will smash a word with the I/o that please go through your investigation and if you found any guilty without any proof then I am on the way of you.Before that if you want to lodge a complaint without investigation then make it, but be sure, if any thing goes without proof and proper investigation then U/A 226,32 and U/s 330 IPC you will be booked for wrong duty and performances by a public servant.

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