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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Is this not "A Divorce better than daily suffering in marital life"...

The beauty of life is that "It never says anything It just perform it’s work whatever comes under its way". The grudges and Happiness are like two toddlers who grows till one not leave this materialistic world for ever. If I say both are the faces of a coin which is just opposite to the other then I will be not wrong. Here,Husband and wife are to be called as single life with common aim and objective and that is to live life without overlapping each other. The prime focus is to live the life at fullest..

It quite obvious to comment on such patriarchal phase of marriages where one is husband and other is wife sharing two different doors of life. Here,I would like to impart the meaning of Marriages which is not only a sacred bond but also an Institution where both the spouses are the alumni of that same institution carrying the similar thoughts.. .

Marriages are not a Cage where Parrot and Mynah Both are Fixed together to survive just for the sake of society ,to just entertain the Social families ethics. It’s quite sarcastic as those who are commenting without any suffice on this topic.I Don’t believe in dead marriages and to carry it for the just sake of society. Those who do they are also dead like their marriages. Men and women are made to fulfill each other expectations,needs and values and if any one is not a cordial to share the same feelings and trust to continue this sacred relationship they should be part way amicably rather that just crumbling each other without any sense.

The society and it’s traditions are so biased that A woman who want to be a free from her own dead marriage she can’t due to the thoughts of the irrational societies. In today’s world a women is neither treated as Goddess nor like a wife and the sole reason goes to the Biased society and their so called partial laws.
I feel ashamed here that a non-living object is divided for their title and rulings but what about humans………is this fare that A society is divided according to caste,creed,customs and traditions and now the only two gender that is male and female has also been divided for the sake of societal and political benefits.
Iam not here to make any differences between Man and woman but this article is only about the thoughts of a different Man and woman on the single cause that is Life..

Women thinks that if her so called husband will not follow her,if he will leave her then she can’t be adjusted in this baseless society who only acts as a rumor mongers and family breakers.
But I have seen many women who believe in themselves,who have dignity in their thoughts,they think that these women are not a parasite whether financially or emotionally on their husbands and on societies.. That’s why they are called leading women far ahead than Men.

Life is a place of experiments but men and women are experimenting on their own happiness in lieu of keeping their dead marriages intact. I say if one is not happy in a relationship then how could he/she could keep others happy…..Don’t this makes a matter more worst when a man and women are kept intact against their will and happiness to just called as social husband or wife rather than Natural husband and wife…

Men and women Just think and think……..because if you are thinking the worst then at some where you are also thinking of right.....is this not"A Divorce better than daily suffering in marital life"

Written and posted by ESIS
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